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Thanks Foster for connecting me with all of these hotties.

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Fricky Forever Super 8mm by Patrick Wright

Fricky Forever 8.15.09 from Patrick Wright on Vimeo.

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Foto Fritz – Frisiersalon

Foto Fritz – Frisiersalon, originally uploaded by Luis Corrales.

Victoria ffffound this on Fffflickr today. Fotofr1tz used to be my Flickr name. Pretty Rad.

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American Apparel Gothic

So we sent out our Save The Date cards this week and they’re causing a stir, along with setting the tone for the wedding. Our friend Patrick Wright took the photo on the card…and the photo of the card as well!

*Blog title credit goes to Mathew Foster

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My city is nicer than your city.

Plaza Cleaners at 909 NW Everett St. No explanation needed.


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Initiate the Graph-Check sequence 300

I picked up this awesome camera on Craigslist yesterday for $15! It has a 4 x 5 Polaroid #500 back and shoots 8 photos on one 4 x 5 in an adjustable timed sequence. The shutters all fire fine, it’s pretty dirty, but I think it’s going to work if I can find film for it!

Check out this old ad for it.

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