No one does it like you

Czech this new video from Department of Eagles. It’s directed by Patrick Daughters (who did Feist’s 1,2,3,4 video) and artist Marcel Dzama, and featuring costumes and sets designed by Dzama. It is gorgeous and the song is rad too of course. The video debuted at MOMA as part of their PopRally series.

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Hal the squirrel lives in a grass hut

New art show at the Grass Hut on E Burnside. Great work as usual.

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Who doesn’t love recession discounts

$3 rebates on PBR. We’ve hit rock bottom.

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Roll it up

Can’t quite figure out why the sushi plate at Mio Sushi has a pot leaf on it. Funny though!

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I hope this happens.

Major League Soccer is coming to Portland just in time for some major league changes to the Rose Quarter. Boy would it be nice if they converted the Memorial Colliseum into the MARC – Memorial Athletic and Recreation Center. No more driving to BeaverTRON to go to the Hoop (which might be closed these days anyway), and now the Rose Quarter could finally live up to it’s name and not just be a bunch of parking lots around the Rose Garden. Check out and learn all about the proposed changes to the RQ.

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Beautiful Bike Bag

Just saw this bag on the back of a bike on E. Burnside outside of Frank James, a great companion to your Brooks Saddle. Carradice of Nelson has some rad vintage looking bags at pretty decent prices.

Photo taken on my iPhone using CameraBag Helga Filter.

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