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Thanks Mathew. I owe you BIG TIME. Check him out at xoxo

- fritz \\ 02.12.09


02.12.09 \\ 12:17 pm \\ jennifer johnson  

Fritz! I really like the site..who knew you were so talented all this time….Hope to see you soon and Happy Birthday coming up. LOVE

02.12.09 \\ 1:36 pm \\ stink face  

So proud of you babe.

Foster your amazing too. bless you.

02.12.09 \\ 4:35 pm \\ Mathew  

Happy Birthday homie!

02.12.09 \\ 7:50 pm \\ katie johnson  

Fritz- amazing work. you are very talented if i ever need photography or other artistic help I will for sure come looking for you. love you guys.

02.17.09 \\ 10:02 am \\ Buckley  

Happy Birthday Fritzle. The site looks great. Nice work Foster. Come see us in the Dam! Miss you over here.

03.04.10 \\ 8:12 am \\ Kevin Fitz  

Play the song that is the blog post above this, and the headbanging actually goes with the music. YAR!!!!

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