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So we sent out our Save The Date cards this week and they’re causing a stir, along with setting the tone for the wedding. Our friend Patrick Wright took the photo on the card…and the photo of the card as well!

*Blog title credit goes to Mathew Foster

- fritz \\ 05.14.09


05.15.09 \\ 9:00 am \\ Mathew  

Patrick is so good, and has so many fucking cameras. He probably won’t notice me lifting one off him. Can’t wait to party for this!

05.19.09 \\ 10:23 am \\ Funny T-Shirts by No Star  

Best Save the Date ever!

12.29.10 \\ 6:36 pm \\ julia  

this is going around tumblr uncredited!
my friend told me it was a wedding invite and i was very impressed. great job!

also my partner saw this card and wants to be invited to your wedding.

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