Fricky Forever Super 8mm by Patrick Wright

Fricky Forever 8.15.09 from Patrick Wright on Vimeo.

- fritz \\ 09.18.09


09.18.09 \\ 4:01 pm \\ andy meakins  


It looks like you had a really awesome wedding. Congratulations. Great site too. Take care.


09.21.09 \\ 8:09 am \\ Bo  

hallo Fritz!

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zur Hochzeit! Ich wuensche Dir und Deiner Braut viel Glueck, vielen Erfolg, Gesundheit und Liebe in Eurem neuen gemeinsamen Leben. (yeah I know it sounds cliche. sorry)


10.01.10 \\ 2:50 am \\ ruby  

love, love love the song, you guys look like you had a super time, I also think the polaroid guest book idea is genius!

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